3 Ways MyCardRules Keeps Your Card More Safe

Some things are meant to go together: peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, chips and dip (can you tell we're writing this at lunchtime?) and now – your WestStar debit card and the MyCardRules app. These two things together make a fantastic duo (like Batman and Robin, Tom and Jerry…you get the idea), but why? Because even though they're great on their own, they’re even better together. When you download MyCardRules and enroll your card, the pair provide a powerful set of controls that can make your life easier and keep your card safer.

#1: Turn Your Card On & Off

Imagine your debit card is misplaced or worse yet, stolen. Using MyCardRules, you can immediately turn your card off with a touch of a button. Once you turn your card off, purchases or withdrawals will not be approved. Which means if anyone tries to use your card, the purchase or withdrawal will be denied. Best of all, if it turns out to be a false alarm (and you find your card in the couch or your pant pocket), you can easily turn your card back on and begin using it right away.

#2 Set Spending Restrictions

With MyCardRules, you can set control preferences on where, when, and how your card can be used. Once set, any transactions that fall outside your preferences will be declined. For example, if you don't want your card used for online transactions, you can block them using the app. Then, when you do want to make an online purchase, you can quickly and easily change your preferences to unblock them.

#3 Set Alerts

Just as with your control preferences, you can set alert preferences by location, business type, transaction type, or by dollar amount, so you can receive real-time alerts on your phone. Imagine: You're at home one evening when you receive an alert your card was used to purchase something at an electronics store in California. But, you’re at home, and your WestStar debit card is at home with you. Since you are alerted the moment the transaction happens, you can use MyCardRules to turn off your debit card immediately. (Then, contact us that your card has been compromised: ATM/Debit Card: 1-866-546-8273; Credit Card: 1-800-367-7576.)
To learn more about MyCardRules, visit weststarbank.com/mycardrules for video, FAQs, and download links.