Building the Future Together

When you entrust WestStar with your deposits, a simple, yet powerful cycle sets in motion. Used to fund loans for local businesses, your deposits enable them to invest and grow. In turn, that growth drives increased job opportunities and economic development in our communities. The prosperity then flows back into the bank as deposits and the cycle restarts. As a result, we're not just building our region together – we’re building the future.
Our passion for this region extends beyond providing financial services. The communities our clients live and work in are the very same ones in which we live and work, too. In 2018, in addition to our monetary donations, 116 of our team members served as leaders and volunteers with 156 organizations – from scholarship foundations and local arts, to social and business services and sports programs.
If you'd like to support the growth and expansion of our region with us, we encourage you to take a look at our many deposit products. If you prefer to do your research online, you can learn more about them using the links below. Or, if you prefer a friendly face, drop by any of our many branch locations to speak with one of our team members at (915) 532-1000.