Customize Your Online Banking with Account Grouping

Our online banking experience is filled with all sorts of helpful features to explore, including the ability to group your different accounts. For example, you can create one group for your savings accounts and label it "Vacation Getaway," or your extra checking accounts could become "Extra Income" – whatever makes the most sense to you. By grouping them, you can make your accounts even easier to manage.

How-To Create Your Account Group

If you are using a mouse, click and hold an account tile, then drag and drop it (on mobile devices, tap and drag) to the pop-up "New Group" icon in the lower-right corner of your screen.
When you drop the tile into the "New Group" icon, the following field appears.
Enter a nickname for your new group and click the check mark when you are finished. If you decide a different name is more fitting or need to correct a misspelling, you can easily rename it by clicking the pencil icon  to the right of the title and enter a new nickname.
Lastly, to add accounts to your group, simply click a tile and drag it to a new location.