New Fraud Center Messages

To reduce your risk and help protect you from debit card fraud, WestStar Bank uses industry-leading protection services which monitor current fraud trends, recognize purchasing patterns, and detect suspicious activity. Should fraud be suspected, our Fraud Center notifies you by phone, text, and email messages.
What’s new?
In addition to the existing rules used to trigger alerts, you'll receive an email or text from our Fraud Center if your card is declined for attempting a “restricted transaction” (transactions out of your ordinary habits, such as a new geographical location, sudden change in spending patterns, etc.) This new rule helps you understand why a specific transaction failed and provides you an opportunity to confirm fraud immediately. 
To ensure we can continue to reach you whenever potential fraud is detected, please make sure we have your most current and correct phone number(s) and email address.

What will the communication look like?
Below are examples of the text and email messages you will receive for a declined restricted transaction:
Text Message Sample:
FreeMSG WESTSTARBANK Fraud Center: Best Buy is restricted on card 1234. If fraud reply NO. If valid contact WESTSTAR BANK at 915-532-1000.To Opt Out reply STOP
Email Template Sample:
This is a message from WestStar Bank Fraud Center. We are contacting you because you have attempted a restricted transaction on your WestStar Bank [CREDIT/DEBIT].
As part of our commitment to protecting the security of your account, we continuously monitor for possible fraudulent activity. Please review the following transaction made using your card ending in LAST 4 OF CARD #:
Merchant Amount* Date Location Status
BESTBUY.COM $50.00 12/21/2016 Seattle, WA Declined
*If the dollar amount is not identical to what is shown on a transaction receipt, this may be due to a pre-authorization which has not yet posted to your account.
Please click on the statement below if you do not recognize the transaction:
FRAUD: One or More Transaction(s) NOT Authorized
Should you respond the activity is fraud, one of our Fraud Center analysts will contact you if it's between 8am-9pm. If this transaction was attempted by you, please contact your financial institution for assistance at 915-532-1000.
The merchant location may be different than you expect for transactions as they may be processed through a centralized billing location.
Responding to unsolicited e-mail can be risky. However, this message is a valid attempt to ensure your card has not been misused in a fraudulent manner.
You can also contact WestStar Bank directly at 915-532-1000. A representative can confirm the validity of this message and review the recent activity on your account.
Thank you,
 WestStar Bank Fraud Center