3 Banking Alerts Everyone Should Activate Now: Part II

Life can keep us all really busy, and doesn't leave much time for us to check our bank accounts as often as we want (or should). Fraudsters and thieves are counting on that, which is why setting a few key alerts can be helpful for notifying you of particular activity (balance alert), or even to help you catch them in the act. 

Account Sign-On Alert

A sign-on alert is a security alert which notifies you if someone (even if it's not you) has signed on with your login ID and password. This is especially useful if you use devices you've registered and therefore don’t require a secure access code when used to log into online banking. 

This walk-through is quick and easy, so let's jump right in:

  1. Log into online banking, select "Setting," then "Alerts" to view the Alerts option screen.
  2. From the alert screen listing (not the dropdown menu), select "Security Alerts." 
  3. The alert bar will expand, showing the full selection of security alerts available to you. 
  4. Scroll to "Alert me when a valid password for my login ID is submitted" (third from the bottom).
  5. Click the switch to "On" (the option will change from gray to blue).
  6. Now, scroll to the top of the expanded security alerts area. Click on "Edit Delivery Preferences" and enter the specific phone or text number you'd like to use. 
  7. Click "Save" to complete your set-up.

As you'll see from the expanded security alert options, you can set multiple alerts to notify you of any login attempts, profile changes, or other actions that could occur within online banking. Whether a personal or business account, security alerts can certainly help keep your money safe and provide you some peace of mind, too.

Next: An alert for those who like to keep track of specific transactions coming from their online accounts.