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MyChoice Checking

MyChoice Checking has the benefits and services you want and deserve. Minimum to open account is $200.

Basic Features
• Free NetBanking
• Free Bill Pay
• Free 24-Hour Bank-by-Phone
• Free MasterCard Debit Card
• Unlimited transactions
• Free on-line check images

Choice Benefits
Offset your monthly fee: Receive cash-back to offset your monthly service fee by doing any or all of the following qualifiers1,
• Sign-up for E-Statements and receive $2 cash-back.
• Set-up a monthly direct deposit (minimum $100) for $3 cash-back.   
• Use your debit card 15 times2 for point-of-sale (POS) purchases and receive $3 cash-back. 

Earn Extra Cash
• After completing 15 POS transactions, receive $.05 cash-back for each POS transaction thereafter, with no limit.

Monthly service fee for this account is $8.00 (fee is waived when your average monthly collected balance for the statement cycle is greater than $3,000). 

Fees may be subject to state and local taxes, which vary by location.

¹Cash-back for E-Statement enrollment, direct deposit, and 15 POS transactions only apply when a monthly service fee is assessed to your account during a statement cycle.
2Point-of-sale purchases include those made using your debit card either in person, online, telephone or mail-order, and bill payment. ATM transactions are not included. "Use" is determined by the posting date of the POS purchase. POS purchases made on Saturday or Sunday will generally post on the following business day, or later in some instances.

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