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What's your money doing?
With our personal financial management tool, MyMoney Center, you can easily and quickly know exactly what your money is doing. With just a few clicks, you can safely manage and budget your finances online from the comfort of your home or office. With MyMoney Center you can:

• Link Your Accounts
Stay in control of your finances; get a full view of both your income and expenses. Now you can see the balances on all your linked accounts in one place, even from other financial institutions^. By customizing your MyMoney Center dashboard, you can receive a complete snapshot of all your income and expenses, or just a few specific ones. It’s up to you!

• Track Account Balances
Track all your checking, savings, credit card, loan, rewards, and investment account balances effortlessly with MyMoney Center.

• View Your Net Worth
Calculate your net worth and easily manage your personal finances by tracking what you own and what you owe with MyMoney Center.

• Track and Analyze Your Spending
With one click, see a complete snapshot of all your expenses automatically categorized for you into rent, groceries, gas, dining, and more. You can even analyze your spending and savings patterns with easy-to-read graphs and charts.

• Create A Budget
With a few simple clicks, you can create budget goals for your most common expenses - groceries, gas, household, restaurants, and more.

• Set Email Alerts
Receive automated alerts to notify you of new bills, large credit card charges, and low bank balances with MyMoney Center.

Best of all, it’s easy! There’s no need to download or install any special financial management software. If you have a WestStar Bank account and are enrolled in NetBanking, you can access these valuable features and benefits.

^To view accounts from another financial institution you must have online access set up with that institution.

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