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At WestStar Bank, we provide easy-to-use online tools and PDF forms to help you manage your finances, make the most of your money, and take greater control of your financial life.

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Security Center »

The security of your personal information is more important than ever. We've compiled various articles with tips on how to protect your personal or financial information, as well as content on the steps we take to make ensure your account information stays secure.

FDIC Coverage »

Read about the latest important information, new rules, and handy tools from the FDIC.

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We make it easy to switch your account from another bank to your new WestStar Bank account.

Financial Resources »

At WestStar Bank, we want to make it as easy as we can. Here are some links to other websites and documentation on just about any financial issue you want to explore.

Account Comparison »

View our comparison table to see which account will best fit your needs.

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Use these handy calculators to help you chart your financial course.

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Whether you want to open a new account, buy a CD, or set up automatic payments, or just about any other service or product we offer on our website, all the forms and documents you need are here.

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At WestStar Bank we offer many tools to help you plan and manage your finances.

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