Check/ACH Fraud Solutions

Positive Pay service allows you to electronically monitor your check or ACH transactions for unauthorized or fraudulent activity, increasing your company's safeguard against costly fraud.

You can upload your single, daily, and/or weekly issued check file(s), to make pay or no pay check and ACH exception item decisions, to manage ACH blocking/filtering, and to utilize various account reconciliation services.

How It Works
  • Easily accessed through an Internet-based service or Cash Manager, Positive Pay is easy to use.
  • Simply transmit issue check data to WestStar when your company issues checks.
  • When items are presented for payment, our matching and validation process allows us to quickly identify checks that are inconsistent with the data provided.
  • Items not found in our database will be reported to you as exceptions that require a pay or return decision. Digitized images of exception items are provided online to enhance your pay/return decision-making.

If you would like more information, please contact us online or call our Treasury Management Department at (915)747-1670 or toll-free at 1-800-366-4578.