Direct Deposit

Accessible through Cash Manager Business and Cash Manager Corporate, direct deposit allows you to automatically deposit your employees' pay into their designated checking account at any bank within the United States, increasing the efficiency of your payroll operations.

What can Direct Deposit help me do?

  • Easier Reconcilement - No need to reconcile outstanding paychecks.
  • Reliability and Security - No more lost checks or stop payments.
  • Control of Payment Timing - All funds clear your payroll account at the same time.
  • Streamline Processing - No more special procedures for providing paychecks to employees.
  • Increase Productivity - No need for employees to rush to the bank to cash or deposit paychecks during the workday.
  • Reduce Costs - Total costs for direct deposit may be less than paper checks.
  • Increase Flexibility and Accuracy – Same-day ACH processing1 ensures correct amounts go out, even if last-minute changes occur.

If you would like more information, please contact us online or call our Treasury Management Department at (915) 747-1670 or toll-free at 1-800-366-4578.

1 Same-day ACH transaction limit is $25,000 per transaction. Additional daily and monthly transaction limits vary dependent upon agreement and may not be in excess of the amount of transactions allowed by the rules governing the applicable accounts.