Monday, February 10th 2014


Dear Valued Customer:

At WestStar Bank, security is the foundation of our electronic banking services. We are all aware fraud continues to evolve and change as fraudsters continue to push the envelope and attack established systems. They are motivated, innovative, smart, and committed.
As your financial institution, we are motivated, innovative, smart, and committed as well – about online security and being proactive when it comes to fraud prevention. With this in mind, we continually review the landscape to further develop and enhance our security procedures to address the ever changing security challenges that exist today.

We are in the process of further enhancing our online banking security methods to better protect you as fraud methods change.  As part of this process, we are establishing a new URL for accessing online banking. Beginning February 25, 2014 the new URL will be and the former URL will temporarily redirect to the new site.

With the new URL, you will be prompted to re-register your computer when logging in. You will be required to do this for every device used to access NetBanking. As part of the registration process, you can choose to continue to log in without the need to register your computer each time simply by selecting "Activate this computer for later use". However, if you choose "one-time access only", you will be required to re-register your device and retrieve a new access code with each login.

We recognize re-registering your devices is an inconvenience, and we truly appreciate your understanding and assistance as we remain vigilant, and increase our efforts to provide you with the safest online banking environment.

Should you need assistance in re-registering your computer or updating your bookmarks, please contact us at (915) 747-4948 and we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for your continued business and trust.


Larry L. Patton
President & CEO


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