Cash Manager Corporate

Cash Manager Corporate is a fully integrated, end-to-end electronic online banking platform designed to accommodate the needs of a complex or large-sized business.

What can I do with Cash Manager Corporate?

With Cash Manager Corporate, you have the power to manage your accounts anytime, anywhere, and from any device. From cash management to a role-centered payment and approval process, to advanced entitlements and reporting, Cash Manager Corporate is a unified, high-productivity platform designed to help your business operate efficiently.
In addition to the banking features included in Cash Manager Business, Cash Manager Corporate offers:
Advanced Entitlements
Establish entitlement rules around accounts, subsidiaries, approval levels, dates and times, and geographic location.
Information Reporting
  • Choose from standard reports or create custom, filtered reports based on criteria you choose.
  • Schedule reports for automatic availability in a number of formats, including CSV, PDF, and BAI2.
Wires and Payments 
For single, multi, and recurring domestic and international wires and full ACH credit and debit origination for single and recurring transactions.
  • Same-day ACH processing1
  • Recipient upload from ACH and wire batch payments
  • Batch wire uploads (in web browser)
Multi-User Action and Approval
Supports transactions requiring multiple approvals, such as incoming and outgoing ACH and wires (activity and alerts).
User Roles
Unlimited user roles provide an added control over complex organizational layers, allowing you to more closely manage your risk and exposure.

What is the monthly service fee?

The monthly service fee for Cash Manager Corporate is $50.00 (includes two user profiles2).

How can I enroll?

If you are interested in Cash Manager Corporate, please contact us online or call our Treasury Management Department at (915)747-1670 or toll-free at 1-800-366-4578.
† Additional processing fees and separate agreement required.
1 Same-day ACH transaction limit is $25,000 per transaction. Additional daily and monthly transaction limits vary dependent upon agreement and may not be in excess of the number of funds transfers allowed by the rules governing the applicable accounts.
2 $5.00 per extra profile.