Gift Card & Customer Loyalty Solutions

Attract new customers, drive more loyalty, and increase sales and profits with customizable gift cards and loyalty reward solutions.

Electronic Gift Card Solutions

With an electronic gift card solution, you get a complete package of marketing features designed to maximize your sales, plus the administrative and security features you need to make program management simple and cost-effective. 

Customized Card Features

You can customize your card design, add expiration dates, issue non-denominated or fixed-value cards, and even include service fees where value is deducted for non-activity or other merchant-defined rules.

Online Administration

Our gift card solution offers powerful online administration capabilities: track card activity; activate multiple cards; and perform other tasks. You can also access a complete set of online reports showing the value of cards outstanding, the dollar value and count of transactions processed in total or by location, and much more. And, you can easily download data needed for analysis.

Easy Activation & Valuation

Stored value cards can be easily loaded and activated at the point of sale. Because cards have no value until activated, and because maximum card values can be preset, fraud is significantly reduced over paper gift certificates.

Convenient Balance Checks

Your cardholders can check their card balances any time they need to, by phone, through an IVR, or via an Internet portal linked from your website.

Loyalty Reward Solutions

It is one thing for a business to say "thank you" to customers or to print it at the bottom of a receipt. It’s quite a different "thank you" when you offer special rewards and offers for doing business with you. Our loyalty solutions deliver all the power of big business loyalty programs without the need for a huge investment in technology or data.

  • Seamless integration at the point-of-sale.
  • Enrollment options and offers are automatically presented.
  • Reward purchase behaviors and encourage increased and repeat spend.
  • Create offers and track success from a customized, real-time web portal.
  • Analytics let you measure the program's effectiveness anytime.
  • Conforms to all data security industry standards.

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