eStatement Disclosure

This agreement is made between you and WestStar Bank (“WestStar”) and provides your request and consent to receive bank statements for your demand deposit and savings account(s) by electronic delivery. These electronic statements are called "eStatements."

By enrolling in the eStatement service, you are electing to receive your bank statements by email, and WestStar will not continue to send you your account statements by U.S. mail. At your request, we will provide you a paper copy of your statement as well as paper copies of any items which have posted to your account, subject to our normal fees for making such copies, if any. You may obtain paper copies of your statements and any items posted to your account by calling (915) 532-1000.

When you enroll in the eStatement service, you are also giving us consent to send you notices, disclosures, amendments, and privacy policies relating to your banking relationship with WestStar by electronic delivery, to the extent permitted by law. These notices, disclosures, amendments and privacy policies are called “eNotices.” WestStar, at its option, may also provide the notices, disclosures, amendments and privacy policies to you by any other means.

There are currently no service charge fees for the use of eStatements. However, you agree WestStar has the right to institute or change the fees for eStatements upon thirty days prior written notice to you. In addition, WestStar has the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time providing you with written notice of the amended terms and conditions.

You must be a WestStar client to enroll in the eStatement service and have at least one WestStar demand deposit account. It is your responsibility to provide and maintain the necessary hardware and software which will enable you to view eStatements and eNotices online. Adobe Acrobat Reader® version 6.0 or higher is required to open and view your statement(s)*. We also recommend you use the latest browser version available which supports 128 bit SSL Encryption.

When your eStatement is ready for viewing, WestStar will send you an email to the email address you provide WestStar. Upon receipt of our email notification to you, it is strongly recommended you immediately view your bank statement, which will be available for 60 days from the date of the email. EStatements are sent as a "shell" .pdf without client data. Once you log in using your user name (“ID”) and password (“password”) the data fills the PDF document. Your WestStar ID and password are your keys to accessing and viewing eStatements. It takes both the ID and password to gain access to eStatements. No one representing WestStar will ask for your password. You should never give your ID or password to anyone who asks for it in an email or by phone or anyone else who you do not want to have access to your account. You agree not to give or make available your ID or password to any unauthorized individuals.

You must notify us of any change in your email address. To change your email address, you may call us at (915) 532-1000 or send us an email to

WestStar cannot guarantee receipt of any email it sends, and it is not responsible for any virus or any other problem relating to the use of your hardware or software or the internet. If you do not receive an email notification regarding your eStatement, you should contact WestStar. If WestStar receives notice an email has been returned as undeliverable for any reason, WestStar will not be obligated to attempt to resend the email and may, at its option, continue to use the same email address for future emails, or it may suspend eStatements or eNotices, until you provide WestStar with a new or working email.

EStatements and eNotices can be printed or saved to a file on your computer for easy storage. If you receive images of your checks with your printed statement, you will receive images with your eStatement.

You agree having an eStatement or eNotice available to you in electronic format has the same effect as mailing them to you and satisfies all requirements for providing you your bank statements and notices, including, without limitation, those under Section 4.406 of the Texas Uniform Commercial Code. To the fullest extent allowed by law, you waive and release any claims against WestStar arising out of, or in any way related to, the use of the eStatement service. You agree you are solely responsible for any loss due to use of eStatements by you, any authorized user, or any unauthorized user or recipient who gains access to eStatements through your computer or information obtained directly or indirectly from you.

Your use of the eStatement service may also be affected by other agreements between us for your deposit accounts. This agreement and the other account agreements contain the entire agreement of the parties and are governed by the laws of the State of Texas and applicable federal law.

You have the right to terminate the eStatement service at any time upon ten days prior written notice to WestStar. WestStar has the right to terminate the eStatement service at any time, in which case your bank statements will be sent to the postal mailing address the Bank has on file for you.

*Acrobat and Reader are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and in other countries. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT ENDORSED OR SPONSORED BY ADOBE SYSTEMS INCORPORATED, PUBLISHER OF ACROBAT READER.