Merchant Cash Processing

If your company relies on cash to conduct business, you understand the importance of keeping those funds as safe and secure as possible. Ideal for any company that routinely deals with high volumes of currency and coin, our Merchant Cash Processing is designed to reduce the liability of having excess cash on hand and minimize the risk associated with taking cash deposits to a branch.

How Merchant Cash Processing works:

  • Deposits are prepared according to bank instructions [How to Prepare a Deposit], placed in dual-pouch, tamper-evident plastic bags transported by an armored courier to our Merchant Room.
  • In a secure facility, our Merchant Room counts and verifies the deposit against the amount shown on the deposit slip.
  • Cash deposits are posted to your account, providing same-day availability of funds, if received by our processing cut-off time.
  • If there is a discrepancy between the currency listed on the deposit slip and the actual verified amount, a debit or credit adjustment will be posted to your account.
  • Deposit information is available through our online banking/Cash Manager and on your monthly account statement. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Why use Merchant Cash Processing?

  • Minimize the risk associated with delivering deposits to the bank.
  • Reduce the liability of having excess cash on hand.
  • Armored couriers offer convenient pick-up and delivery options.
  • Set regular pickup times or call to schedule pickups as needed.
  • Improve productivity by eliminating employee trips to the bank and time out of the office.

  • Combinations of checks, coins and currency are accepted.
  • Same day credit for all deposits if received by our processing cutoff time.

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