Estate Settlement

Fulfilling your wishes, as directed in your estate plan, is a complex process that may require extensive probate administration, such as collecting, managing, and disbursing assets to those named in a last will and testament. WestStar provides your beneficiaries with stability and understanding in a compassionate way while also carrying out your wishes with expertise, professionalism, and impartiality.

Our expert team is here to offer personalized administration tailored to your specific plans. Whether navigating legal complexities, communicating with family members, or coordinating asset distribution, WestStar handles every aspect with care, integrity, and efficiency. 
When you choose WestStar Wealth Management as your executor, agent for your executor, successor trustee, or co-trustee, you can be confident that your estate is settled professionally, efficiently, and impartially. Our local experts will help you transition your wealth smoothly.

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Agent For Fiduciary

WestStar is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, making us the ideal choice to support and enhance your fiduciary role.