Direct Deposit

Are you seeking a faster, more reliable way to handle payroll and recurring payments? Look no further than WestStar's Direct Deposit service – the height of convenience and efficiency for your payroll operations.

What is Direct Deposit?

Direct Deposit is a secure electronic payment method that allows you to transfer funds directly into your employees' designated bank accounts, eliminating the need for paper checks.

Whether you're disbursing payroll, taxes, annuities, dividends, interest, pensions, royalties, or expense reimbursements, WestStar's Direct Deposit Service, available exclusively through Cash Manager Business and Cash Manager Corporate, has you covered. Experience the ultimate in payroll efficiency with WestStar's Direct Deposit services.
Direct Deposit can: 

Easier Reconcilement

No need to reconcile outstanding paychecks. 

Reliability and Security 

No more lost checks or stop payments. 

Control of Payment Timing 

All funds clear your payroll account simultaneously. 

Increase Productivity 

No need for employees to rush to the bank to cash or deposit paychecks during the workday.

Reduce Costs 

Total costs for direct deposit may be less than paper checks.

Increase Flexibility and Accuracy

Same-day ACH processing1 ensures correct amounts go out, even if last-minute changes occur. 

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