Positive Pay

In today's landscape, safeguarding your financial assets from fraud is more critical than ever. Criminals employ various tactics, from fake texts to phishing emails, to gain unauthorized access to your accounts. Stay ahead with WestStar's Positive Pay, a robust fraud prevention and detection solution.

Positive Pay empowers you to monitor your check or ACH transactions electronically for any signs of unauthorized or fraudulent activity, providing an additional layer of protection against costly fraud attempts.

Positive Pay Check

Protect your funds and prevent fraudulent activities by detecting unauthorized checks early through Positive Pay Check. This service meticulously examines critical fields of each check presented to the bank, comparing them to the information you provided. This allows the bank to promptly alert you to any discrepancies, enabling you to make informed decisions on whether to pay or return the exception check. With digitized images of exception items available online, you can quickly review and assess each item's legitimacy.

Positive Pay ACH

Shield your account from fraudulent ACH activity by detecting transactions that do not match approved debits through Positive Pay ACH. This service adds an extra layer of security, safeguarding your accounts from unauthorized electronic activity.

With WestStar's Positive Pay, both Check and ACH versions, you can defend yourself against fraudulent activities and confidently protect your financial assets. Don't let fraud threaten your business – invest in security today.

How It Works

Positive Pay Check
  • Upload check issuance details via online banking or secure file transfer.
  • Implement user entitlements and approval levels for enhanced security.
  • Quickly identify checks that deviate from the provided data.
  • Access digitized images of exception items online to facilitate decision-making.
Positive Pay ACH
  • Set up filters to permit only pre-authorized companies, flagging all other transactions as exceptions.
  • Receive a daily list of exception items that attempted to be posted to your account the previous day.
  • Customize filters to pre-authorize automatic posting for specific items.

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