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WestStar Wealth Management specializes in serving fiduciaries—trusted individuals like trustees, guardians, attorneys ad-litem, and executors—who play a critical role in managing and safeguarding the financial interests of others. Our expertise lies in helping fiduciaries confidently navigate the complexities of financial management.

At WestStar, we seamlessly integrate into your team, providing invaluable insights, personalized investment strategies, and robust asset management solutions. With our dedication to fiduciary responsibility, you can confidently focus on your core responsibilities, knowing we are diligently overseeing and enhancing your client's financial well-being.

Our commitment to integrity is unwavering, ensuring that you have a partner you can trust to uphold the highest standards. By choosing WestStar Wealth Management, you have a reliable ally dedicated to supporting and enhancing your fiduciary role.

Let us help you navigate the complexities of financial management with confidence and peace of mind. Partner with us today.

Benefits of having WestStar as your agent:


Experienced professionals who specialize in fiduciary services, offering comprehensive financial and estate planning guidance.

Personalized Service

Provides personalized attention, working closely with you, the client, to understand your unique goals and creating a customized fiduciary plan.

Asset Management

Management of various assets, including investments, real estate, and businesses, optimizing growth and safeguarding your interests.

Risk Management

Help mitigate risks associated with fiduciary responsibilities, ensuring compliance and protecting your estate from potential liabilities.

Family Harmony

Help with preserving family harmony and reducing potential disputes among beneficiaries or family members.


Longevity and stability, assuring that fiduciary services will remain intact regardless of personal changes or unforeseen circumstances.

Ease of Administration

Handles complex administrative tasks, such as tax filings, record-keeping, and reporting, relief of some time-consuming responsibilities.


Maintaining client confidentiality; ensuring sensitive information is kept secure and private.

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