Mobile Payment Processing

Mobile Payment Processing is a secure, complete payment processing solution that transforms mobile devices into terminals, allowing you to accept payments quickly and securely anywhere, anytime. It supports multiple readers for multiple form factors and works with mobile devices, including most Apple®, Google®, and Android.


In addition to encrypting card data at the time of swipe, all payment information is immediately sent to and stored in a secure, hosted environment to ensure the security of cardholder data and to provide added protection for you and your customers.


Works with various mobile device types, regardless of carrier, to ensure freedom of choice. Our flexible card readers support card-swiped transactions through all sponsored mobile products.


It supports anytime-anywhere processing for mobile environments, including card-swiped or key-entered transactions, and unlimited mobile devices for businesses of all sizes.


Mobile Payment Processing provides the full-service, trusted reporting, and capabilities of a secure hosted payment gateway, including detailed reporting records for up to 12 months of transaction activity.


It’s efficient and cost-effective, allowing you to utilize existing hardware, technical infrastructures, and communications providers to enable mobile commerce and accept most card payments.

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