Fraud Monitoring and Alerts

Every time you use your WestStar debit card, our fraud monitoring system is diligently working behind the scenes using pre-defined strategies, fraud trends, cardholder demographics, and spending patterns, to monitor and score the transaction in real-time. What this means to you is if your card is being fraudulently used, the transaction could be declined at the point of authorization – stopping fraud dead in its tracks.
When potential fraud is detected, the card is blocked (unable to be used) and you are notified in real-time by text, email, or phone. The process works like this:
  1. An automatic text alert is sent, which has the "fraud" or "no fraud" options. If you confirm fraud via text, you will receive another text with instructions to call the Fraud Center and an 800# phone number will be provided.
  2. If no response is received, five minutes later an email notification is sent from WestStar Bank, with the option to reply with "fraud" or "no fraud." 
  3. Again, if no response is received after five minutes, an automatic phone call is placed (calls are made between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM MST). 
  4. If you confirm the transaction as fraudulent during any of the calls, you will be connected to a Fraud Analyst in the Fraud Center.
  5. If you confirm “no fraud” via email, text, or phone, the block status is removed and you (or the cardholder) can complete your next purchase or transaction.
  6. If the Fraud Center is unable to reach you, for your protection, they could put a block on your card to prevent fraudulent charges. To unblock your card, please contact the Fraud Center at the 800# phone number provided.
To experience the best possible service, please make sure we have your most current phone number(s) and email address. This service is a valuable tool in the fight against fraud; but to receive the full benefit, your contact information must be current. Should you change your phone number or email address, please notify us immediately so we can update your information.