Mobile Banking Benefits

When online banking entered the scene, it made it possible to bank on our computer or laptop from the comfort of our home. Now, with mobile banking, that convenience can be taken even further. In addition to 24/7, anywhere accessibility, mobile banking offers greater account control, provides increased security, and brings check deposit to your fingertips.

Greater Control

Mobile banking makes it easy to monitor balances, transfer money between accounts, pay bills, and more – all with a simple swipe or tap. It can also supercharge any account or bill pay alerts you may have set up. Since most of us always have our phone with us (I mean, who doesn’t?), immediate action can be taken on any incoming notifications, keeping you connected to your accounts and their activity.

Increased Security

Some people are hesitant to use mobile banking because of security concerns, but they may be surprised to learn it provides an enhanced level of security. Between the development of biometric sign-in systems (like fingerprints and facial recognition) and intricate password systems, mobile banking security has proven itself to be more than safe and secure. Plus, because mobile banking can be so easily accessed, you can keep on top of account activity in real-time and report any fraudulent activity faster.

Mobile Check Deposit

We have saved the best for last. For many, mobile remote deposit is the biggest perk of mobile banking. Picture it: You just received a check and now you’re trying to figure out when you can swing by the branch or ATM to deposit it. Well, no need. Instead, settle deeper into the couch, start your latest binge-worthy show and use the WestStar mobile banking app. With the app, depositing is as easy as snapping a photo with your smartphone or tablet – wherever, whenever.
Visit our Mobile Banking page to learn more and download the WestStar mobile banking app.