The directors of WestStar Bank are committed to providing sound governance and responsible financial stewardship for the bank. Our directors, some of whom are original founders, all have local ties and possess an unwavering commitment to our community. They come from a variety of backgrounds and with a wide range of professional experiences, greatly enhancing our bank leadership.

Rick Francis, WestStar Bank Director and Executive Chairman
L. Frederick (Rick) Francis

Chairman and CEO of WestStar Bank

Edward Escudero, WestStar Bank Director and Vice Chairman
Edward Escudero

Vice Chairman of WestStar Bank

Robert Brown, WestStar Bank Director, Brownco Capital LLC President
J. Robert Brown

President of Brownco Capital, LLC 

Richard Castro, WestStar Bank Director, Castro Enterprises, Inc. Owner
Richard Castro

Owner, President of Castro Enterprises, Inc. 

Paul L. Foster, WestStar Bank Director, Executive Chairman Western Refining, Inc.
Paul L. Foster

Executive Chairman of Western Refining, Inc. 

Woody Hunt, WestStar Bank Director, Hunt Companies, Inc. Chairman, CEO 
Woody L. Hunt

Executive Chairman of Hunt Companies, Inc.

Carol Johnson, WestStar Bank Director 
Carol Johnson
Community Volunteer
Meyer Marcus, WestStar Bank Director, MIMCO, Inc. Chairman 
Meyer Marcus

Chairman of MIMCO, Inc.

Rusty Miller, WestStar Bank Director, A.R.M Farms, Ltd. General Partner Manager 
A.R. (Rusty) Miller, III

General Partner Manager of A.R.M Farms, Ltd.

Jonathan Rogers, Jr., WestStar Bank Director, St. Regis Airport Properties President, CEO 
Jonathan W. Rogers, Jr.

President, CEO of St. Regis Airport Properties 

Emma Schwartz, WestStar Bank Director, Medical Center of the Americas (MCA) President 
Emma Wollschlager Schwartz

President of Medical Center of the Americas (MCA) 

Maria Teran, WestStar Bank Director, Sierra Machinery President 
Maria F. Teran

President of Sierra Machinery 

Jon Hansen, WestStar Bank Founding Director 
Jon T. Hansen 

 Director Emeritus