Banks Never Ask That

Attention: Like many other financial institutions, WestStar’s phone number, 915.532.1000, is being spoofed by fraudsters claiming to be WestStar Team Members. WestStar will never call and ask for sensitive information, including online banking login information, balances, account details, or one-time passcodes. If you receive a call that you suspect may be fraudulent, remember to Hang Up. Look Up. Call Back.

Every day, individuals fall victim to scams, and at WestStar, we aim to empower you to avoid becoming the next target. Scammers employ various tactics to exploit your hard-earned money, including phone calls, emails, and text messages.

Do not be the next victim! Learn how to spot email, phone, and other scams:

Phone Call Scams

    • Caller ID can be deceiving: It could be a scam even if your phone shows it is WestStar calling. Scammers can make any name or number appear on your caller ID.
    • Never share personal information: Never share personal information: We may need to verify personal details if you call us. However, it is a scam if a bank calls you asking for items such as your login details, secure access codes, or social security number.
    • Ignore urgent requests: Words like “act now” or “urgent” are red flags — regardless, do not give in to the pressure.
    • Hang up, look up, call back: End unexpected, suspicious calls and dial the number on the back of your WestStar card or call us at 915.532.1000.

Email Scams

    • Avoid clicking on suspicious links: Do not click without hovering over the link to reveal where it leads. When in doubt, call us at 915.532.1000.
    • Inspect the Email Address for irregularities: While this is very true and is an effective method of identifying spoofed and impersonation attempts, we don’t want to overlook emails coming from compromised email accounts.
    • Remember to not give in to scare tactics: Never reply with personal information like your password, PIN, or social security number.
    • Watch for typos and suspicious attachments: Misspellings, poor grammar, and unexpected attachments are warning signs of a phishing scam.
    • Be skeptical of every email: Fraudulent emails can appear convincing using official logos and similar URLs. Treat every email with caution.
    • Verify with the Source: If the email is unexpected or contains web links or unexpected attachments, contact the sender through a verified method not provided in the email before opening.

Mobile Payment / Text Message Scams

    • Only send money to friends and family: Never send money to people you do not know or trust. You cannot cancel a payment once you send money through payment apps.
    • Do not click on suspicious text message links: Never click on a text message link if it asks you to sign into your bank account. Scammers are trying to steal your username and password.
    • Delete any text message you suspect is a scam: Do not risk accidentally replying to or saving a fraudulent text message on your phone.
    • Avoid uncommon payment methods: Avoid uncommon payment methods: We will never ask you to send money to yourself or pay bills using a payment app. When in doubt, call the number on the back of your WestStar card or call us at 915.532.1000.

By following these guidelines, you can better protect yourself from scams. If ever in doubt, contact us using the official contact information on your WestStar card. Additionally, WestStar will never call you and ask for sensitive information, including balance, account details, or one-time passcodes. It’s always best to hang up and contact us directly.


If you receive what you suspect is a fraudulent call, please hang up and call the Client Service Center at 915.532.1000 or visit the Cybersecurity Center for more information on protecting yourself from scams. Stay informed, stay safe.